Steakhouse – Lunch Menu

House Salad
Mixed greens, cherry tomato, gorgonzola, blue cheese,
red onion, candied pecan, raspberry vinaigrette
Blue Wedge Iceberg, blue cheese crumbles, candied bacon,,tomatoes,
egg, candied pecan
Grilled Caesar Grilled romaine, corn, jicama, cherry tomatoes, cotija,
jalapeno caesar dressing
Heirloom Salad Heirloom tomatoes, pesto, burrata, basil balsamic
Kale Salad Baby kale, beets, roasted grapes, goat cheese,
balsamic dressing, fresno chili
Filet Salad Mixed field greens, filet, grilled asparagus, pickled red onion,
red bell pepper, chimichurri,,tomato, avocado, crostini,
blue cheese crumbles, champagne vinaigrette
Ahi Salad Mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, fennel,,apple, cashew, mint,
cilantro, seared ahi,,ponzu, champagne dressing
Lobster Bisque Brandy, cream, fennel, celery, lobster claw meat
Soup Du Jour Chef’s daily soup creation

Oysters on The Half Shell spacer-1 Horseradish, cocktail sauce, cucumber mignonette
Filet Sashimi spacer-1 Sesame crusted filet, wasabi mashed potato, eel sauce
Steelhead Trout spacer-1 Lightly seared ocean trout, blackened crème fraiche, fennel fronds
Colossal Shrimp
Cocktail 3/6
spacer-1 3 or 6 colossal shrimp
Lobster Crunch Roll spacer-1 Tempura lobster, king crab, cucumber, dynamite sauce,,eel sauce
Chaurcuterie spacer-1 Chef selection of cheese and meats
Kampachi Tartare spacer-1 Coconut jus, fresno chili, ginger, lime, shallot, avocado mousse, grapefruit puree
Poke spacer-1 Sushi rice, ahi, cucumber, lemon, jalapeno, green onion, sesame, ponzu, carrot, pickled mushroom
Hamachi Crudo spacer-1 Orange, grapefruit puree, pesto, crispy sage
Filet Sliders spacer-1 Boursin cheese, filet mignon, caramelized onion, sautéed mushroom, arugula
Pork Belly spacer-1 Braised red cabbage with apple gastique

Pan Seared Scottish Salmon spacer-1 Wild rice, mushrooms, lemon garlic cream sauce
Pan Roasted Chicken spacer-1 Jidori airline chicken breast, white beans, kale, tomato
Purple Cauliflower Steak spacer-1 Miso glazed cauliflower steak, crispy pee wee potatoes, crispy garlic, romesco sauce
Open Faced Steak Sandwich spacer-1 NY strip steak, chimichurri, avocado, caramelized onion,,arugula salad, pickled red onion
Prime Rib Dip spacer-1 8oz thin sliced ribeye, gruyere cheese, grilled onion,toasted ciabatta au jus. Fries or house salad
Short Rib Sandwich spacer-1 Braised short rib, grilled red onion, roasted bell pepper, cheddar, gruyere cheese, sourdough, fries or house salad
Steak House Burger spacer-1 8oz burger patty, thousand island,,pickle, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomato,,American cheese, caramelized onions
Black and Blue Burger spacer-1 8 oz,Burger patty, balsamic onions, blue cheese,,baby gem lettuce, tomato, peppercorn aioli
Petite Filet spacer-1 6 oz Wet aged Angus filet mignon
New York spacer-1 12 oz Wet aged New York stea
Ribeye spacer-1 14 oz Wet aged ribeye steak

Larsen’s House French Fries spacer-1 Grilled Broccolini
Onion Rings spacer-1 Asparagus
Mashed Potatoes spacer-1 Sautéed Mushrooms
Mac n Cheese spacer-1 Spinach


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